Each class and each teacher is unique, however, there are common class protocols for all classes.

  • Arrive about 5-10 minutes early to sign in, take off your shoes off and settle in by setting up your mat and collecting any props (blocks, blankets, straps or bolsters), if needed.  The door may lock once class has begun.  We encourage you to connect with your neighbors in class.  Most teachers start with a centering to prepare you mentally for the practice and to set the tone of the class.

  • Please introduce yourself to your teacher and let them know if you are new.  They will want to know about any injuries or limitations you may have.

  • Your teacher will give the class general instructions, and they may also give you individual instructions to enhance your practice. They may even physically adjust your body while you are in the pose, to help you better understand the actions and movements of the pose.  The teacher will ask for your consent before touching you.

  • Always feel free to rest during practice.  Your teacher will never push or force you to stay in poses.  You will build strength and endurance over time. 

  • The classes usually end with a brief period of relaxation or meditation.

  • You may experience some soreness after class.  Please be kind to yourself both during practice and after.  Make any adjustments and alterations as needed, as well as follow up with drinking plenty of water.


Tips to ensure enjoyable classes for yourself & others:

  • Avoid eating or eat lightly 1-2 hours before a class.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

  • Yoga is practiced barefoot. Please remove shoes before entering the studio floor.

  • Please silence cell phones upon entering the studio.

  • Please be respectful of others that may be sensitive to smell and avoid wearing strong scents.

  • Let your teachers know if you have any injuries, health conditions or if you are pregnant (if you are pregnant, please consult a doctor before joining class).

  • Some teachers and classes may chant at the beginning and/or conclusion of class. Join the chanting if you are comfortable doing so. If not, feel free to listen.

  • You may want to bring a towel for perspiration.

  • Feel free to bring a water bottle to class with you.

  • If you need to leave class early, please excuse yourself before final relaxation is initiated in order to reduce disruption for your classmates.

  • If you arrive late, please refrain from entering class until the initial centering is complete in order to reduce disruption.  You may enter class as soon as students transition to movement.

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