Jocelynn Mehrman

RYT 200 Yoga Instructor
I began practicing yoga in 2014 when I noticed I let myself slip into a very low state of being. I was experiencing a lot of anxious and depressive thoughts, which lead me to make unhealthy choices in my life. I initially sought a doctor who prescribed me to a few different medications, after about a month of being on them I realized they were taking me even farther away from myself. So I stopped taking the medication and began looking for a way to pull myself out of darkness. Starting an asana practice was the answer to that. I began by teaching myself and very quickly tapped into my energy, my higher self. I created my own meditation and yoga practice with the use of crystals and energy work. I learned how to heal myself through the movement of energy. I worked through all the imbalances in my mind, body, and spirit which allowed a whole new way of living to channel through me. In January 2016 I decided to take a 230 hr teacher training through The Yoga Center of Minneapolis. I did this with intentions to inspire others to learn more about themselves, to guide others through their imbalances and chaotic energy.
A class lead by me will include guided meditations, asana poses linked strictly with the flow of your breath, and some references to energy work. I serve as a guide to allow you to be your own healer.


Jocelynn Mehrman is currently not instructing any classes.