Greg Hegi

Qigong Instructor

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from the University of Minnesota. I was a principal of Pre-school through 8th grade, teacher, and coach; and education is what I love. My first experience with meditation was in Korea in 1968 while in the Army. Meditation was a major part of our karate training. I enjoyed the meditation but fell out of practice when I got back to the states. A few years back I was very ill and was barely able to walk. I was on many meds, pain, steroids, relaxers, high blood pressure, had asthma and was told I had to have surgery for my back problems. I had started doing Qigong with the encouragement of my wife. I took Level one twice and then Level two. I told my surgeon I would not do the surgery and took Level three and Level four of Qigong. Then I did another 18 months of study with Master Lin of Spring Forest Qigong.

After doing qigong every day and long hours of meditation my back was healed and the side effects were that I did not need any of my meds plus my asthma was gone. My reason for teaching is to pass this wonderful gift on to others. As Master Lin said “A healer in every family and a world without pain”. I have been teaching Qigong for around 4 years and I am a member of the Veterans Administration Energy Healer Team and teach Qigong for the VA. I am also a practitioner (teacher/healer) of the National Qigong Association (NQA).

Greg Hegi instructs the following: